Privacy Policy
Effective Date: February 20, 2013

Data in LessonNote Pro is kept confidential to different degrees depending on the nature of the user's account. There are three different conditions, which may in some cases overlap, in which case the less-restrictive rule applies.

Condition 1: Individual paid account

Users who sign up and pay for their own account may be assured that any data they upload is kept private, unless they take actions to explicitly make that data available to others. An exception to this is the rare case in which we need to access data for debugging purposes, in which case we will attempt to notify you beforehand if you have not specifically requested our assistance already. Another exception would be if we are compelled by law to divulge your data. The user is responsible for maintaining the privacy of his or her account information.

Condition 2: Individual account as part of a group

Lesson Study Alliance may make available Group Accounts comprising multiple individual users accounts. Some Group Accounts may have one or more appointed administrators who may have the ability to access data uploaded by members of the group. There may also be default permissions by which some users in a group may have access to some data belonging to other users in the group. Users should find out from their group administrator what their privacy rights are. Lesson Study Alliance is not responsible for the release of any data resulting from actions by the group administrator or by users with access to the data.

Condition 3: Participation in research

Some users may chose to participate in a research program, for which they may receive free use of the LessonNote Pro service. Users participating in such a program should expect that their data will be accessible to researchers involved in the program, and should find out from the administrators of the program how their data may be used and will be protected. Lesson Study Alliance is not responsible for the release of any data resulting from actions by the program researchers or administrators.